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Music - related Links
Article on The Ash Grove

Garden path: Lotusland
The Oud Website
The Old Time Herald (online edition)
Swiss Bluegrass Music Association
Tricopolis Records
Topanga Banjo & Fiddle Contest
Folk Mote Music
Gilles Apap - The Renegade Fiddler
Byron Berline - Doublestop Music
Southwest Bluegrass Association
Blue Grass Boys listing
Bluegrass List: BGRASS-L
American Memory Collection
Redwood Bluegrass Associates
Birthplace of Country Music
John & Ruby Lomax 1939 Recording Trip
Dust To Digital
Venerable Music - 78 Reissues on sale
Alan Lomax Archive
Dave Stamey - Cowboy Entertainer
Siminoff Website: Info on Loar, Gibson, etc.
ASCAP Music Reference - Good links
California BG Association
Christmas - Bill Monroe
Gypsy Music! (w/ MP3s)
Fiddle List - Great OTM site
Eck Robertson Tribute
Banjo Jokes: more than you wanted to know
Creative Commons
Emmett Miller
On-Line Metronome
Yazoo Records
Mayne Smith
Dock Boggs Article - Atlantic Monthly
Northern California BG Society
Sliding Scale Music
Play Ball Productions - David West
E - Discography
Santa Barbara Old Time Fiddlers' Convention
Sam Hinton - Harmonica
McCabe's Guitars
Hundreds of Old Time songs in Real Audio
FolkLib Index - Great for finding songs, artists
Jimmie Rodgers Website
Kyrgyz Music
The 365-Day Project (Amazing recordings!)
The OnLine 78RPM Discographical Project
Fiddle Records and Distribution
Henery C. Gilliland
Folk Music Index - Jane Keefer
Cybergrass Bluegrass Magazine
Fiddle Contest Rules - Missouri
The Blue Grass Boys: Listing
LPs and CDs for collectors Classical 33
California BG Festival Listing 
Boulevard Music
Institute for Studies in American Music
DeFord Bailey
Alan Lomax Website
Chris Cairns - Fireheart
Bluegrass Lyrics
Tom Corbett
Fiddle tunes in C (sound files)
The Harry Smith Anthology
In Tune News (So. Calif. bluegrass events)
The Ash Grove
Folklore & Mythology Resource Guide
The Bluegrass Express
Tom Corbett
Bluegrass West on Facebook
The Fiddler's Companion
Folk Arts Rare Records
Acoustic Music Net
Essay on banjos - Steve Martin
Thomas Edison's Attic
Great article(s) on Clarence White
Anthology of American Folk Music
BG, Folk, Old-Time films on-line
The Bluegrass Blog
Remembering The Old Songs
The Salt-Martians
Old Time Musicians Directory
International Bluegrass Music Museum
Pete Seeger Banjo Film
Lofgren Photo Website
Banjo Hangout
Indiana U. Sheet Music Collection
Fiddlershop Cellos - Large handmade selection
From Austin to Tennessee
Ray Bierl
Traditional Ballad Index - FSU
Good LA recording studio: Sound Path Labs
Frets.com * Great info from Frank Ford
Tied To The Tracks - Radio/TV
Digital Library Of Appalachia
The Story Of Tom Dooley
Acoustic Americana
Musika BG Guitar lesson
Banjo Methods Archive The Violin Tutor
  Basic Harmonica (Mouthharp) Information  
  Nonmusical links
World Metrics (running totals)
Good Computer Utilities Page
Free audio utilities
The British Library
George Washington: Farewell Address
Gurdjieff International Review
National Security Archive
California - Nevada Earthquakes
Internet Safety Guide
California Business Directory
Laurel & Hardy
Southern California Directory
Comparitech - Listing of free VPNs
The Tragedy Of The Commons
My Life On The Plains - George A. Custer
The Dialectizer
Finding a human at a robot telephone machine
NASA TV Interplanetary Vacation Photos
Santa Ynez Valley Visitor's Association
Los Olivos

The Falling Sand Game

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