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HC-504 "Grey Cat On The Tennessee Farm"

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   HC-504 "Grey Cat" - Uncle Dave Macon tribute


HC-504 "Grey Cat On The Tennessee Farm"

Peter Feldmann
& The
Pea Patch Orchestra
(Byron Berline, Dennis Caplinger, Dan Crary
Bill Bryson, and Wayne Shrubsall)

A rollicking tribute to the music of Uncle Dave Macon, The Grand 'Ol Opry's first major star, featuring 14 tunes and songs "...done the way Uncle Dave would have loved"*
* - Charles Wolfe, country music scholar & author 

Acclaimed world-wide and named one of the top ten bluegrass albums of 2005 by the Chicago Tribune.

Grey Cat On The Tennessee Farm
A tribute to the music of
Uncle Dave Macon, "The Dixie Dewdrop"
14 songs plus 8-page booklet with notes and photos

Banjo Newsletter  *   Bluegrass Unlimited
 Bluegrass Breakdown
Review by Al Shusterman, KCBL, Sacramento, California
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The Pea Patch Orchestra
Dan Crary, Bill Bryson, Wayne Shrubsall, Dennis Caplinger, Peter, Byron Berline

Listen to Rabbit In The Pea Patch in mp3 format.:
Old Plank Road   *  Jordan Is A Hard Road To Travel
Take Me Home Poor Julia  *   Rabbit In The Pea Patch
Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line
Grey Cat On The Tennessee Farm
John Henry   *    I'll Rise When The Rooster Crows
Rye Straw   *   Johnny Grey   *   The Deer Chase
Forked Deer  *   Goin' Back To Dixie  *   Sail Away Ladies


"YOU'VE DONE IT! ... Great sound, great job, great layout! .. high quality workmanship, both visually and audio."
   - Dave Macon (Uncle Dave's grandson)

"It don't get any better than that!" - Byron Berline

"A unique idea! .. well produced by excellent muscians..." - Mike Seeger

"What a wonderful recording ... exceptional!" - David Holt

"The impact of this extraordinary CD just takes your breath away." - Al Shusterman, KCBL (read entire review)

"I strongly recommend Feldmannn's loving and creative tribute to Macon -— to both old-time music enthusiasts and bluegrassers; with a minimum of esthetic compromise, it manages to respect both traditions, and makes for excellent listening as well". - Bill Dillof, Banjo Newsletter (read entire review)

"Peter Feldmann inhabits that space where the boundary between oldtime music and bluegrass, if it exists at all, is almost indistinct. For many years, he ran the oldtime contest in Goleta, Cal., and he issued Eck Robertson's original recordings on his own label. He also plays some fine bluegrass, and he combines the two on this recording, a tribute to Uncle Dave Macon . . . wonderful music ... and well worth a listen!" - Steve Goldfield, Bluegrass Unlimited (Read entire review)

"The CD is way cool ... It is in heavy rotation in the Spurgin Toyota-mobile Have been cruising the Sierra's with GREY CAT blasting out the windows!" - Steve Spurgin

Rated 5 HOT Dogs! - Lindsay Mar * Chicken Hot Rod 2RRR 88.5FM * Sydney, Australia















"On behalf of my listeners and of course myself, I must compliment you with this great 'Grassified' tribute to Uncle Dave Macon. Sparkling arrangements of his oldtime country songs make this CD unique and a must-have item for everyone who is interested in country music history. You succeeded in putting together a great backing band, the pick of the crop of West Coast bluegrass.    "For me, it's an honour to air this great music on my Bluegrass Express. In the upcoming months I will include this super CD in my syndicated radio network shows in Ireland, N. Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina. "
- Ted Clark, Ted Clark Syndications, The Netherlands.

Grey Cat makes the "This Old Porch, WNCW Top Ten New Releases of 2005" list.
- Joe Cline

"...Peter Feldmann has put together a very entertaining 'concept album'that combines spoken word and some of the West Coast's best instrumentalists in an imaginative yet sympathetic updating of some very tuneful Old Time music. This is truly an album that has 'something for everyone'. Feldmann serves as lead vocalist and 'master of ceremonies' for what is essentially what you might expect to hear if you were lucky enough to attend one of Uncle Dave Macon's tent shows in the 1930's but presented with the musical sophistication demanded by present day audiences. Though it's accessible enough for the uninitiated, Bluegrass afficianados will marvel at Fiddler Byron Berline and Guitarist 'Deacon' Dan Crary breaks and backup-flawless without being stale-they still manage not to overshadow Peter Feldmann's warm vocals.

Berline is featured on two fiddle tunes which are worth the price of the album on their own merit. Feldmann provides some good solid Monroe style mandolin and Dennis Caplinger plays impeccable three finger banjo-he neatly combines the melodic and rhythmic content of Dave Macon's banjo with the sparkling drive of Bluegrass style picking and is worth a listen by any student of the five-string. Old Timey banjoist Wayne Shrubsall pops in briefly on a couple of tunes to remind us that there was a fully developed banjo tradition before Scruggs put the banjo into overdrive and his duet work with Caplinger is exquisite.

Most importantly however, this album is a true 'family' fare-something both adults and children can listen to without annoying one another. Respectful without being precious, plain spoken without being condescending, these guys obviously had a lot of fun making this album-and you'll have fun listening to it. "

- Emily Salisbury Keene

"This album is a great romp through the music of Uncle Dave Macon, and is one of the happiest, toe-tappingest albums this reviewer has ever heard!"

- Brenda Hough, California BG Association.

"Peter Feldman & the Pea Patch Quintet’s album is a strong bluegrass tribute to the old-time songs of Uncle Davy. Bluegrassers should take note of how well these kinds of songs adapt to the genre. Rather than some half-baked folk revivalist effort, the songs were conceptually arranged with bluegrass instrumentation, in fact a few banjos, as well as a variety of vocal stackings. I’m sure Uncle Dave would be proud of the “little hot runs on the banjo” (some with touches of harmony), along with all the other fine musicianship here."

- Joe Ross, Bluegrass Now (Read entire review)


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